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Demons and Dolls (…and football???)

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Did you know that zombies don’t eat popcorn with their fingers? They eat the fingers separately. Hey all you Deadites, welcome back to the Unholy Cathedral. Your source for all things spooky. Er.. maybe, some things spooky… on occasion… maybe. You know, summer is a busy time. I intended to publish this last night, but I literally fell asleep with my laptop on top of me. So I figured I should probably take my time and put something half-way (and I do stress half-way) decent. No hustling whatsoever on this blog. But nonetheless, the Cathedral is back open, and this week we’re looking at a fresh film that just opened this weekend… Annabelle: Creation.

Anabelle: Creation is the work of David F. Sandberg, who’s relatively new to the horror scene, but did release Lights Out last year. And already, he’s earned the right to direct a movie in The Conjuring universe. I’ll go on record and say that any movie in this universe will be getting my money. They’ve yet to let me down. So let’s dive right in and take a look at this weird-ass devil doll.

Annabelle: Creation is the story of a group of young orphan girls who make their way to a new orphanage, along with their caretaker, a nun. The orphanage is a remote home, where a man and his wife reside. But unbeknownst to the girls, this couple has a dark history, having lost their daughter in a tragic accident years ago. Regardless, it’s a nice, big place for the girls to stay, and it seems comfortable at first glance. But the matriarch has been isolated in her room due to an accident, and is therefore ULTRA weird. Also, what’s with the locked room upstairs?

Drop the Malibu Ken doll, and let’s go in for A Closer Look

Random Side note: Last night I learned that one of my friends is legitimately putting in a lot of effort to watch re-runs of Reba. Discuss in the comments.

Villain: A sinister demon using a creepy doll as a conduit, with the intention of stealing little girls’ souls. Gotta pay the troll toll, to get to that girl’s soul.

How Do I Stop It?: Well… should you mistakenly summon an evil entity like this into your house (every Friday night at my house), best bet is to seek help immediately. Weapons aren’t going to do you much good in this fight. Keep a bible handy, and start going to church, ya heathens.

Lessons Learned: Now this might be insensitive, but c’mon. If you lose a loved one, the appropriate reaction is NOT to try and make contact with their dead spirit. And man, kids are so naive. Suppose you’ve seen some REAL weird stuff going on in the last few nights. As in, locked doors opening on their own, and scary things doing more than just bumping in the night. I would certainly hope that you wouldn’t choose to literally go fishing (ghosting?) for spirits with retractable toy gun.

Who Do I Watch With?: This one’s safe for just about anyone who’s okay with some scares. Not too gory or macabre, but it does have some intense moments. Maybe invite your parents out to a movie night. Nothing brings the family together like scaring the crap out of your mom. The Unholy Cathedral: advocate of family bonding.

Movie Trivia: Really not a lot to go on here, other than the director is re-hashing his relationship with a few actors in this movie, from their work on Lights Out. Also, there are multiple references to some other movies in The Conjuring universe throughout the film.

Rating the Flick

Villain: 5/10. Creepy for sure, but we’ve seen this guy before. And a friend pointed out that he’s a lot more visible in this movie, and I think it takes a little bit away from the mystique of him. I’ve seen better, but also seen worse.

Scare Factor: 6/10. Definitely creepy, but not terrifying. There were a few jump scares that got me, but I think in terms of The Conjuring universe, this is the tamest film of the four so far.

Gore Rating: Clean Machete (0/5)!


You’re not getting any blood nor guts here. That machete is prime for some slashing. I think it’s been a while since I’ve seen a really gory movie. Might have to watch Dead Alive! again or something.

Overall Rating: 3 Shrunken Heads


Back to my roots for a change. AnnabelleCreation is pretty solid overall. I enjoyed the film overall, and it has a good ending to tie things together. This one definitely isn’t in my true upper echelon, but I’d say it’s worth the ticket price to see it in theaters. And apparently now with MoviePass, you can see as many movies as you want for $10/month. Man.. I sound like a complete shill now. Not intentional, I promise. Anyway, that’ll wrap up this review of Annabelle: Creation. If you saw it, what did you think? Leave a comment if you liked it (or didn’t)!

Now time for an even more shameless plug. I’m trying to work my way into an exclusive ESPN fantasy football league, and I figure that throwing a shout-out to the official 06010 podcast and TV show on here couldn’t hurt! So if you’re into fantasy football, and you want some equally not-hustling fantasy football analysis, check out the Fantasy Focus podcast, and also The Fantasy Show. It’s a pretty good time. Let’s make The Unholy Cathedral the official horror blog of the 06010!

Until next time, BURN ALL OF THE DOLLS.



Holiday Spirits

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krampus0011 Krampus

Well friends, the holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with some Christmas-themed horror! The darkest days of the season are here, and today, we’re trying something new. I’m trying out a new idea with this one: audio blogs. That’s right.. this review will mostly be done via an audio recording! I’m providing the ratings overview, but for the sinister details, check out the podcast link below.

Link to Podcast

I hope you enjoy the show, and please let me know what you think in the comments. I might start doing these more frequently moving forward, but if you’d rather I write, feel free to let me know that as well.

So let’s get into it!

Villain: 9/10

Scare Factor: 5/10

Gore Rating: Barely Bloody Machete (1/5)


Overall Rating: 4/5 Snow Globes


Like I said, be sure to check out the audio format, and let me know what you think! It’s short and sweet (only about 12 minutes), so you should be able to listen to it at your leisure. And as always, feel free to send me requests for movies to review. I now have a VERY solid home theater set-up, perfect for all things spooky. So hopefully this will entice me to make more of these.

Anyway, that’ll wrap up this week’s update. If you’re not following me already, make sure you Unleash Hell at the top right to sign up for my e-mail updates. Also, follow me on Twitter at @UnholyCathedral for the latest news and updates from yours truly! If I don’t get back beforehand, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you… And beware the holiday spirits…

Until next time, keep the fire hot.



The Crooked Man Cometh

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The Conjuring 2

GREETINGS, friends, and welcome once again to your source for spooky… The Cathedral is back in business, and this time we’re taking a look at a fresh movie on the block. The Conjuring 2 made its terrifying debut this weekend, and after hearing four separate people give positive reviews, I knew I had to see this one.  Now know this… The first Conjuring was one of few movies to get a perfect score on this blog, so needless to say that’s a tough act to follow. And Horror movie sequels in general don’t often succeed, as it were. So I was VERY glad to see this one deliver… Anyway, let’s get into it.

It’s the mid-1970’s, and Ed & Lorraine Warren are investigating one of their darkest, most sinister cases ever in Amityville, New York. The aftermath of that event has left psychological scars on Lorraine. Enough to the point that she’s unwilling to take on any new cases. But elsewhere in the world, a struggling mother is witnessing something happening to her daughter. She’s speaking with the voice of an old man. She’s claiming that someone, or something, is intruding on her room in the night. And her house is slowly getting trashed by an evil spirit.  But she’s probably faking it, right? …….. Right?

I’m wondering how long it’ll take for James Wan to be recognized as one of the better horror directors in history. He’s already the director and/or producer of The Conjuring, Insidious, Saw (and sequels), and Dead Silence. And he’s got a strong docket still coming, including Lights Out, and mulitple Insidious sequels. The dude is legit.  And admittedly, there seems like a very similar tone between the Conjuring and Insidious movies, but they have their differences, and at the end of the day, they’re both pretty damn scary. And that’s the bottom line.

Back to business. Say 10 Hail Mary’s and let’s go in for A Closer Look

Villain: A sinister demon. That’s all you get.

How do I Stop It?: As is the case with the first movie, this is a foul, horrible beast. You’ll need some serious help if you’re confronted with this one.

Lessons Learned: Ok. How do I get this to sink in? Spirit boards are generally not a good idea. So making a spirit board… that’s an even worse idea. If there’s a way to communicate with the dead, leave it to the pros, eh? And another thing. Should you have a nightmare of a particularly creepy spirit, you shouldn’t EVER feel the need to make a painting of said spirit, and hang it on your effing wall! EVER. FO RILL.

Who Do I Watch With?: Anyone who’s up for a good, clean, scary movie. I do recommend bringing someone though. This one’s pretty spooky.

Movie Trivia: On the first day of shooting, an actual priest was brought in to bless the set (creepy trivia!). Also, James Wan turned down an unknown (but claimed to be very large) amount of money to direct Fast 8, in order to direct The Conjuring 2. \m/  \m/

Rating the Flick

Villain: 10/10. Wow this thing is nuts. As good as the demon in the first movie was, I think this one was even scarier. Wan really had a great design for the character(s), and I’m sure they’ll certainly be in a lot of upcoming nightmares.

Scare Factor: Palms doth sweateth (9/10)

This is a pretty long movie by horror standards, and while there are a few slow parts here and there, the scares are also there, the whole time. Be warned, this is a very scary movie.

Gore Rating: Barely Bloody Machete (1/5)


Not much to worry about here. Similar to the first one, basically no gore involved, but as Mr. Wan has shown us, it’s not needed to get you jumping in these films.

Overall Rating: 5/5 Reclinerschairs

….because Chairs! Yes, another perfect score. And I dare say (I dare, I dare!) that The Conjuring 2 is even better than the first movie. It’s just… really really good. The plot development is great, there’s good foreshadowing, subtle references to other films in the saga, and most importantly, straight up scary stuff. Really really solid film here. I don’t really know what else to say, so I think I’m just going to end it on that. If you get a chance, SEE THIS MOVIE IN THEATERS. It’s worth the ticket price.

So that’ll wrap up this review. As it turns out, there’s more horror movies being released in the coming months, so stay tuned. Never know what you might see on here… Oh, and I’ll leave you with this…

Until next time, say your prayers.



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A strange video game, where cryptic files are placed on your computer while skeletal spirits hunt you in the dark? All while the spirit is seemlingly logged in and guiding you deeper into the terror within the game? That’s exactly what we’re talking about this week, so let’s take a look at IMSCARED, a Pixelated Nightmare.

Greetings, and welcome once again to the Unholy Cathedral! This blog has officially gone off the rails, but in a good way, in my opinion.

This week we’re doing an Unholy first– a review of a horror video game.  This started a few weeks ago when a chicken friend of mine asked me to play this horror game, because it was getting good reviews on Steam, but he this person didn’t want to play it on their own.  So I told him that he was talking to the right crowd, and told him I’d play it, but he wanted me to stream it on the internet so he (and others) could watch.

So a few nights ago, I did an Unholy Live Stream on twitchtv (follow me at dvo_tron on Twitch), where I streamed myself playing this game for a few hours. I went in with basically no knowledge of what this game was about, other than it was a relatively crude game (think commodore computer graphics), and that there was some interface outside of the game.

As I started the game, I was lost within minutes. Admittedly I had some technical issues at first, but I was having difficulty finding my first “key” to advance into the game. I was walking around some rooms and things to no avail, but when I went to the end of the hall, I heard a creepy laugh, almost as if some effing demon clown had flipped a switch of some sort. And as it turns out, the nice, not-scary hallway now had blood dripping from the walls, and this instantly got creepier.

The good part was that I had multiple friends watching me play on Twitch (mad props to those who watched this debaucle) who were providing clues. But there was another user who I didn’t know, under the username “wh1teface.” And this guy helped me find my first key, that opened a door to the next step in this game. It actually didn’t dawn on me for a little bit that “wh1teface” was skeptically familiar with this game… as it turns out, I eventually ran into whiteface himself, in one of the creepier renditions of “Tag” I’ve ever played. I’m sure you’ll laugh, but so be it. Here’s a snapshot of the game in the parking deck area.


I told you the graphics weren’t great. But I must say, here’s what the game does well. You can only see about 10 feet in front of you. Everything else is pitch black (with some exceptions), but you really just don’t see things coming. And so while you’re stumbling around through the dark, running into pixelated corners, there’s a lot of scary sounds keeping you on edge.

Now for the bad parts. There’s some really frustrating parts to this game, and even wh1teface himself (who was almost certainly the developer of the game, and was helping guide me through the tough parts) admitted that some parts weren’t exactly well-liked, even from their perspective. For instance, there’s a level where you must navigate a large grid, trying to find some music boxes. But beyond the mono audio getting slightly louder, there’s really nothing guiding you through the seemingly massive maze. Oh, and there’s a ghost in there chasing you around as well.

One of the more interesting things about this game (which I touched on a little earlier) is that it’s very existential. That is, in order to advance through the game, you literally have to exit out of the game at some parts and go back in, but when you do re-enter the game, it’s in a different spot than when you left. And the game drops cryptic text files into a folder on your desktop to serve as clues for your next step(s). It’s a very interesting concept, and I liked it overall. But sometimes it was frustrating, especially as I was streaming the game, and the viewers were subjected to a lot of spinning screens as a result.

After a little over 2 hours into the game, I can say this. This game definitely made me jump a few times, and it definitely had some creepy moments, which is very impressive for how simple the game design is. It’s certainly not a “game of the year” contender, but for the purchase price of $2.99, you can’t complain too much.  And where else are you going to play a game where the developer voluntarily watches your live stream and trolls you along the way?

I’m not going to give the normal rating scale for this iteration, but as an overall rating, I’d give this game a 3/5 shrunken heads. It’s scary in the right spots, and very off the beaten path in terms of normal game design. The crypic clues were good, and wh1teface trolling me multiple times as I got stuck or fell for one of the game’s tricks was pretty funny.


So that’s going to wrap up this brief review of IMSCARED. If you ever feel the desire to play a shorter PC game that will likely give you a few scares, this is worth the $3.  So with that said, there’s a bunch more horror games out there, and Im not opposed to hosting a twitch stream again. So feel free to throw movie OR game ideas at me! I think the first stream was a success, and can only improve from there.

As the (so far) mild winter is coming to a close, I’m hoping to have some more scary stuff to review shortly. But still feel free to send me recommendations, and don’t miss hte next live stream! Details will be posted on Twitter, but don’t expect anything “that” soon.

And thanks again to everyone who supported this endeavor. It was a blast having you guys help me out! And also thanks to Whiteface, you undead trickster. No matter how many times you fooled me or killed me, you still made it fun.

Until next time, STAYSCARED


I See My Frans

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unfriended_poster Unfriended

Alright chums, let’s do this thing! The now seldomly-opened cathedral has creaked open its decaying doors, and the scares are back. What really sucks is that I’ve watched three or four horror movies in the last few months, but it’s been a hot minute since I saw them, and I wouldn’t feel right posting an out-dated review.  So this week we’re going over the one I saw most recently, Unfriended.

Unfriended is the story of a group of teenagers who witness the horrific suicide of one of their classmates, and friends.  Fast forward one year later, and the group of friends has done a pretty good job of moving on.  But one girl is still coping with the loss of her good friend, unbeknownst to the rest of the group.  Anyway, they get together on a skype call one evening (apparently skype is the AIM of 2015?) to hang out.  But there’s an unknown guest on the call as well… and this unknown guest is making some scary threats. And what’s going on with their computers? Dun dun DUNNNNNNN.

HANG UP DAT VIDEO CONFERENCE… and let’s log in for A Closer Look

Villain: A sinister spirit seeking virtual vengeance (+1 for alliteration combo!)

How Do I Stop It?: Well, two ways. First, be a decent human being. I know, I know. Really solid advice. And second? Shut it down!

Lessons Learned: Posting shame videos of your friends on the internet isn’t the way to go, kids. This message is brought to you by famous people everywhere. And Mexico. I think the real lesson is that social media is the devil. Damn you, Zuckerberg.

Who Do I Watch With?: Well hopefully if you’re watching this, you’re either a horror junkie, or a 15-year old kid on a date.  This is a classic teen romp.

Movie Trivia: All of the facebook and skype accounts in the movie exist, and can be found on their respective sites. Also the whole movie was completed as one long shot, with the actors on real computers in separate rooms of a house.

Rating the Flick

Villain: 1/10. This villain is one step short of a Wayans Bros. movie. It’s like Jigsaw from Saw had a teenage kid, but rather than come up with clever torture traps, he/she was just an internet troll. Do better, horror filmmakers.

Scare Factor: 3/10. As far as scares go, there aren’t many. I’ll admit it’s mildly entertaining to see how the story shakes out and watch these kids suffer, but at the end of the day it’s just not very scary.

Gore Rating: Barely Bloody Machete (1/5)


Just a touch of blood in here, as there’s one or two slightly gruesome scenes. But for the most part Unfriended is pretty tame.

Overall Rating: 0/5 AIM Away Messagesaway_message Because we should all reflect on the best messaging software that ever was. Regardless of those CDs that AOL would send you in the mail. See, this is why this movie is bad. I can’t even talk about the horror. I just want to talk about Netscape Navigator and trollface. Unfriended is Unworthy of this blog, and yet here I am. Must be winter.

That’ll wrap up this review, but stay tuned. Who knows, maybe 3 months from now I’ll be back, hopefully with a much scarier movie.  But in the meantime, feel free to throw some horror recommendations my way! Hope you’re all staying warm this winter.



Ghosts on TV

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poltergeist_poster Poltergeist

Well I successfully took about a month off, but it’s time to re-open the doors to the Cathedral, kids. Welcome back yet again to the Unholy Cathedral, (hopefully) your source for all things that go bump in the night. This week we’re taking a look at Poltergeist, the 2015 re-make of the Craig T. Nelson (of Coach fame) film from the 1980’s.

I should start by saying that while many think of Poltergeist as a classic, I was never a big fan of the original.  I think the original is more silly than scary, so I was hoping that this reboot would bring a modern approach and some legitimate scares… how’d it do? Let’s jump in.

Poltergeist is the story of a down-on-their-luck family who gets a great deal on a new house. Almost too good to be true, one might say.  But they’re trying to get a fresh start with this new home.  The good news? The place is in a nice, modern subdivision. The bad? The parents soon learn about a morbid history of their neighborhood at a dinner party, and when they return home, the kids are in real bad shape.  At least those of them who are still there… Well damn.

Let’s jump behind the screen for A Closer Look

Villain: Evil Spirits trying to lure a young girl to them so they can find new life

How do I Stop Them?: Well… hopefully you’re smart enough to recognize a bad situation when you see it, and therefore can make conscious decisions about when you’re being tricked. But should you fall into this trap… I hope you’ve got a good friend who knows their paranormal stuff.

Lessons Learned: Well, if a house is selling for a price that seems too good to be true, there’s likely a reason for it.  Ask the question, all you home buyers! And for goodness sake, if you have a family of 5 and both parents are unemployed, try just a LITTLE financial responsibility. Not that that has anything to do with being haunted. That’s just sound advice. And finally, if you move into a house that has random clown dolls hidden in a secret room behind a wall? GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE.

Who Do I Watch With?: I’d recommend that if you’re gonna watch this one, it should be with someone who’s seen the original. Or just has a penchant for not-great horror.

Movie Trivia: The movie trivia this week is pretty sad, which I guess is par for the course with this one. But one of the lead actresses admitted in a Q&A that she’d never seen the original film until this one had completed production.

Rating the Flick

Villain: 3/10. Most of you know that I’m more into the paranormal movies than slashers, so this should be an easy win for me. But alas, the evil entity is just not scary whatsoever, and it’s also not very creative.

Scare Factor: 3/10. I had to conceded a few points. The “development” phase of the movie was actually decent, with a few creepy moments. But once the thing is revealed and we see the “other side,” it’s just not scary whatsoever.

Gore Rating: Clean Machete (0/5)


Not a drop of blood on that thing! Look at it, just glistening over there, waiting to hack up some unfortunate soul.  It’ll have to wait for the next movie.  Poltergeist holds back on the blood, as well as the scares.

Overall Rating: 0.5 Flatscreen Televisions

tvs This one is pretty rough from start to finish. And they tried to put in some subtle “homages” to the original, but they really just invoke lots of headshaking and facepalming. The dad is trying to be a Coach. Sigh. And the school where he’s trying to become the coach? It’s named after the director of the original. Someone stick a fork in this one.

On a COMPLETE side note that is unrelated to this post, something else that needs a fork stuck in it– The Walking Dead.  My crusade against this season is growing stronger. It’s awful.

In any case, tread carefully when it comes to Poltergeist. It’s got about 2 good moments. When you’re trying to market your movie based on a prop that’s used only in a few scenes, you’re doing it wrong.  May I instead recommend Annabelle?

That’s going to wrap up this Unholy review.  On another side note, I watched The Gallows last night, and Adam’s review a few months ago was pretty on-point.  Mildly entertaining for a while, but the end was incredibly cheesy.  I think I enjoyed it better than Poltergeist though. But there are more things scary coming, even in the Christmas season.  So stay tuned for more Unholy Happenings.

Until next time, stay warm.


Maroon Peek?

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Crimson Peak

Greetings again, kiddos.  We’re LESS THAN A WEEK from the witching hour! And I’m slacking harder than ever!  Many apologies for the lack of updates this month. Let’s see if we can do better this week.  Last week, I saw the new flick currently in theaters, Crimson Peak, directed by Guillermo Del Toro.  I’m a fan of his.  Pan’s Labyrinth is very cool, and if you haven’t seen The Orphanage, I strongly recommend checking that one out this Halloween season.   But this time we’re talking about his most recent film, so let’s dive right in.

Crimson Peak is the story of a young aspiring author, Edith, who lives in New York with her father.  But when a charming aristocrat from Europe shows up in town looking for investors, she becomes smitten with him. He’s very mysterious, but has a charm to him. Nonetheless, Edith’s father clearly does not approve.  But when his sudden death leaves Edith all alone, she finds comfort in her new love, and goes back to Europe with him… only to find dark secrets in her new home.  We’re not in… New York any more.

Wipe of the blood, and let’s go in for A Closer Look.

Villain: **SPOILER ALERT** Devious siblings looking to bring a lovely lady back to their home…

How Do I Stop Them?: Well, for one don’t be completely naive. It’s very rare that two life-changing things happen at the same time, so maybe stop to consider that maybe those two things are related… Maybe this should be a lesson learned. But if you do fall victim to this, find a way to either get some help, or just get the hell out of there.

Lessons Learned: See above. This chick is dumb. Fo real.

Who Do I Watch With?: This one’s pretty tame overall A little bit of blood, but overall not too intense.  It’s got a creepy feel, and Del Toro makes a decent film, so bring a date and enjoy this one.

Movie Trivia: The house in this film was built in its entirety, and all of the parts used to make it were obtained specifically for the house.. nothing was re-used or salvaged. Also, Neither of the two leading actors were the first selections for their respective roles. The first choices were Benedict Cumberbatch and Emma Stone.

Rating the Flick

Villain: 6/10. Del Toro does a good job of keeping the sinister side of the siblings subtle.  Ultra alliteration combo achieved!  But the characters have a very good mystique about them, and Jessica Chastain delivers a very strong performance as Lucille.

Scare Factor: 5/10. It’s not a walk in the park, as there are certainly some really cool, creepy visuals throughout.  And a few “gotchas” along the way.  But in terms of truly scary, Crimson Peak doesn’t hit the mark.

Gore Rating: Slightly Bloody Machete (2/5)


Like I said earlier, there’s not a ton of blood and guts here. But there is some very good use of color throughout the movie, as I’m sure you can guess, based on the film’s title.  Not much that should make you nauseous though.

Overall Rating: 3/5 Bloody Womenwomen

Because British puns! I dare say that’s one of the creepier ratings scales I’ve used, and just in time for Halloween.  Anyway, overall I enjoyed the movie.  It’s got a pretty interesting story, some very beautiful sets and costume work, a lot of really cool color schemes, and pretty strong acting all around.  Oh and did I mention the creepy spirits? Del Toro is a pretty imaginative guy, and it shows once again in Crimson Peak.  I do think it could be a little scarier, and the latest trailers made it seem like we were in for a pretty scary time.  Also, I was a tad disappointed at the ending, but it wasn’t a bad one by any stretch.  The long story short is, this is a pretty cool movie if you’re looking for a dark flick.  But if you’re looking for the scare-a-thon for Halloween week, this might not be what you’re looking for.

So that’ll wrap up this review.  I hope you’re all getting your fill of horror this season, but if not, there may still be more to come here… and there’s an #Unholy party taking place in Aurora this weekend!  The house is looking scary, and maybe I’ll put some pictures on here when it’s all said and done.

Until next time, keep the scares strong.